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The reason I started B-Velopment is because I enjoy helping people or companies with finding the technical solution for their problem. The bigger the challenge the more motivated I am. With my general interest in technique and my educational background in physics and fine mechanics, I can be your partner in solving your challenge.

My study at LIS gave me the fine mechanical practicall skills. Studying Physics brought me know how of measuring, testing and evaluating data. After these studies I started working as a product development engineer with a multi disciplinairy engineers team in a fast growing company. Research, 3D cad, prototyping, measurements, manufacturing, PDM and ERP are all within my expertise .

As you can see I have a big field of expertise. Hopefully I can help you solve your problem? Give me a challenge, and send me an e-mail!

Bart van der Meer







In the years as a product development engineer I gained a lot of experience.
I have a broad interest in technics so in many cases I can join your discussion. The expertises below contain my professional competences.


Measurement systems
Repair and maintenance
Custom made products
Small series
Assembly instructions  



Product development
Characterisation systems
3d CAD (Solidworks)


First design, sketching
Sourcing components
3d printing
Fine mechanical assembly
Proof of principle


Defining requirements
Aligning expectations
Combining parties
Network collaboration


Bill Of Material
Product Data Management
Enterprise Resource Planning


Professional advise
Problem solving
General services
Laser Safety Officer (LSO)

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Below an impression of the projects i worked on. The size of the project doesn’t matter; i can assist on a small request, or a big development. I will be enthousiast to solve your challenge.

Wireless hydrometer

This hydrometer is connected with WiFi to a web based platform where data is stored. I worked on development of the PCB, testing, assembly and calibration.  The product is developed together with the engineers of Brewbrain and delivers a IOT solution for the brewing community.

High temp heat flux sensors

For Hukseflux Thermal Sensors I developed different sensors for High temperature, high heatflux applications. In these projects I gained a lot of experience with different materials, micro welding of thermoelectric materials and assembly of sensors for extreme temperature conditions. I also worked on the design and assembly of extreme testing facilities in order to define the product specifications.

Solar radiation sensors

Development of different solar radiation products. All products had different challenges; integrating digital communcation PCB’s, gaining precision, lowering offsets or lowering cost. All these specifications were tested on in house developed testing facilities to achieve the standards for the specific product. I worked on all phases of the development process till the product implementation in assembly for Hukseflux Thermal Sensors.

Calibration setup

Development of a easy to use calibration system for a range of different solar radiation sensors. Both sensors from Hukseflux Thermal Sensors as concurring brands can be calibrated against the ISO standard.  Designed for easy installation and maintanance at customers worldwide. I worked on designing, planning, purchasing, assembling and shipping a small series of systems for customers all over the world.

Event plans

For the event management company HS-Events i worked on digitalisation of their event plans. First the main structeres where designed in 3D CAD, Solidworks. After that we developed a multi configurable 3D assembly for easy adaptation of the event space they own. From the assembly we can create a 2D map with teh required details for communication to their client. Now their client can be offered a tailor made event plan, send with the offer for the event.

Smart meter readout

For this project I designed a readout from the smart meter, posted on a online data platform via WiFi, for evaluating the actual used current per phase. This way HS-Events can track the maximum used current in real time and prevent shutdown, when having an event. The hardware is designed, programmed, tested and installed and can also alarm the client by SMS or email.

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